How Web Directories Will Improve Your Traffic

You’ve started your website, with everything set up and ready to go. Your excitement runs high as your invite everyone to check out your site, only to sit around and wait for visitors. Instead of watching your traffic increase, you see little to no traffic.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to build your link network and help drive more traffic to your page. As the mission is to gain a strong reputation, you must get your site links to many others.

You can do this by contacting other websites and offer link trading. However, you must be prepared to invest your time in trading links. You can also join link-trade programs,  or even submit your website to high-ranked web directories.

What exactly is a web directory?


A web directory is a large compilation of sites that is organized according to topic and category. Most web directories have various levels of categories that progress from general topics to specific content. The editor will have to approve of your list and ensure a degree of credibility. Being listed in a directory will also ensure that viewers will find what they are looking for in a specific category. If they see your link, they will be able to click on it and build traffic.

Web Directories Help With SEO

Websites understand the importance of Google and search engine rankings. The search engine will count the links from other sites to vote for your site. This will help determine your position and ranking results. Having a link in a web directory will also count as a vote. This will ultimately improve your rank as well as SEO, even if the link is not direct.

Relevancy is Important

Trading links with random sites will build your link network. However, you will sacrifice the quality of that network. Web searchers who are looking for information on particular topics will use resources that relate to the subjects they need. That is why web directories are perfect for quality link building.


Building your link network will help you to improve your traffic and result in a large audience. Submit your site link to several submissions in popular directories to help you get started and build your traffic now.