Things You Should Know Before You Submit to A Web Directory

Want to get more out of your web directory submission? If you’ve been wondering which directories you should submit to or how to get your site listed, we will help guide you through it.

Directory submissions are among the most important things that are needed when it comes to building your links. It is a solid way to bring links back to your domain and create traffic. Before we get into all the details, it is important to make quality URLs as they are the best resources for websites.

It is important to keep your URL as you will end up losing traffic and your domain name after you submit to countless directories. While some directories are hard to get approved, following the basic steps of their requirements will help you in the long run.

Here are 4 things you should know before you submit to a web directory.

Your Site Must Be Ready to View

Before you submit your website to be on the list, you must have your site up and ready to view. All pages must have the appropriate content with live links. Even if there is only one page on the site, everything should be running and functionally working. It is always important to note that the content must be relevant to the section under your listing. Be sure to double check to see if the category will describe what you have to offer.

Once your page exists and the content is relevant to the chosen category, you will need to use the right forms to describe your site with all the right titles.

Write Quality Descriptions

It is best to write brief descriptions that provide a short summary with no superlatives. Instead of writing “best electronics review site in the world.” Try writing: offers quality reviews, information, resources, and tutorials on electronics.” This summarizes the description and gets straight to the point.

The main idea is to generate one way back links that won’t make your site look like it is filled with spam keywords in the description. The best thing you can do is to read the directory’s guidelines and model your work based on that.

Choose Paid Over Free for Quality

When it comes to building links, aim to choose volume over quality. Start with getting all the free links you possibly can and then work your way towards paid directories. Consider it from a cost-benefit stance as many of those directories will depend on the budget you are able to provide.

Submit the Right Away

When submitting your URL, the easiest way to get started is to get non-reciprocal one-way links. Once you start actively link trading, this will provide a stable backbone for backlinks. It is also recommended to build a strong PR before you start on your reciprocal links.

Have you sent in your submission? Comment below and tell us your process!