What to Look For in A Web Directory

Web directories are often referred to as link resources as they categorize links to other websites. A web directory is not a search engine but includes similar features. Instead of displaying lists of page results using keywords, web directories will categorize their links based on the content of the site and what it represents.

So how do you know how to find a good web directory? Here’s how.

Web Directory Will Serve A Useful Purpose

Web directories must serve a purpose within the industry. They must provide an alternate route to the most common results that are provided by search engines. They must be useful for websites as they well bring in targeted traffic and help improve the position of the site in the search engine. However, it is important to keep in mind that search engine optimization (SEO) has everything to do with site organization and content and nothing else.

Understand the Web Directories Have Limited Capacities

While search engines are able to index almost every website on the internet, they can provide thousands of results for any topic on the search. On the other hand, web directories are limited as they will give you a few quality pages of results for a specific topic.

However, the average web surfer never looks past the first few pages of results. That means the next found sites will be often meaningless and rarely related to the searched topic. A quality web directory will include the best sites that are appropriate to the topic and have paid to include theirs.

Focus on the Site Titles and Their Descriptions

Are the pages written well with proper grammar and descriptive descriptions? Established web directories are made to serve a standard for premium space and brief sentences for descriptions. Nevertheless, they must be well descriptive and non-promotional. Reputable directories will have editors that will edit such errors prior to approving a site.


Overall, it is important to determine how the editors review the submitted sites and ensure that are list the appropriate categories. It is better to stay away from directories where editors will go into autopilot and accept the submissions based on your payment.