Why Do We Need Web Directories

The difference between a web directory and a search engine is the spiders in the search engine that looks for new web pages and indexes the links. In a web directory, you will submit your links understand an appropriate category to be reviewed by editors for their approval.

With more web directories appearing these days, more experienced reviewers will review the submitted links and place them understand the correct categories. This will reduce the job of Google and other search engines. In fact, human-screened links are more trustworthy than software-reviewed links.


How Search Engines Factor the Rank of Your Website.

Search engines will take in many factors when trying to rank your page. They will consider the following:

  • The organization of the content
  • The relevancy of the content of the website
  • The organization of the inter-links and navigation
  • The use the of anchor texts and relevant outgoing links
  • A number of links both incoming and inbound from external websites and how well they rank on various search engines.

When you submit your link to a variety of web directories, you must be careful about their page rank. This will determine the rank of the web directory itself as trustable or unworthy.

Samples of High-ranked Web Directories

Yahoo – Yahoo is also considered as a directory as they also charge a large amount to link your site if accepted. While the payment is high, it does pay off in the end.

Open Directory Project (DMOZ) – DMOZ is a top-rated web directory that is free of charge. Their editors will review your submitted website and be placed under the appropriate category if accepted.

LookSmart – This is a general web directory that allows your site to be visible on network sites such as ABOUT.com, MSN, Inktomi, Netscape, Cnet, and Info Space.

Why Submit Your Site Link to Web Directories?

While submission might seem like a lot of trouble, it is better to focus getting validated as search engines only consume validated information. All major web directories also attract plenty of traffic through result pages. This means you will get a ton of traffic directly from those web directories.

Have you prepared your web directory submission yet? Comment below and let us know!